Gryllefjord is a pulsating fishing village, with activity both on shore and at sea. Unique fishing grounds exist close by, and offer rich opportunities for fishing. From January to May there are possibilities to catch huge amounts of migrating polar cod. During the summer months people fish for large coalfish, as well as cod, halibut, wolf-fish and Norway haddock, etc. Until May, however, the weather conditions are unpredictable, and fishing should be done from larger vessels. If your mind is not set on catching the cods or halibuts lurking in the depths, it is perfectly okay to sit back and just enjoy a day out at sea.

Naturally, the traditional fishing grounds are within reach – if the weather is welcoming. If not, one can enjoy fishing in the fjords – which are not so vulnerable since they are protected by the grand mountains of Senja.

Your hosts might even recommend some fishing grounds to increase the chances of you catching a thumping big fish!

Adjacent to the houses there is a floating stage where we have boats for hire. These are small Rana 530 boats with 30 HP motors. Kids enjoy fishing from the floating stage, and the proximity to the houses provides a safe distance for adults to keep a watchful eye on the young ones. We do, of course, have life/safety jackets for both children and adults.

If you bring your own boat, we have the necessary equipment to launch it. If not, and you wish to venture out at sea on a larger vessel, we can help arrange trips on 30-50 foot boats.