Karylanten Gryllefjord as has five cozy seaside houses centrally located in Gryllefjord. The houses were built in 1996 and have modern and high standards.

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Gryllefjord has an active fishing environment, with activity both at sea, on the quay and in its own arches. Fishing in the near seas around Senja has unique fishing opportunities.

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Turn right after crossing the water and follow the road until you have passed Nergård Senja AS. Kaikanten will be easily visible from the road, to the right of the motorist, a short distance ahead.

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Other information

Gryllefjord has about 400 inhabitants where the main industry is fishing.
You will find in addition to the "Kaikanten Gryllefjord as" Gina café and kiosk, inn, shop, post office, bank, tourist information and library. The store also offers gasoline, diesel and pharmaceutical sales.
Gryllefjord has a ferry connection to Andenes during the summer months of June, July and August. Put the car back in Gryllefjord and take a day trip to Andenes.
The National Tourist Route follows the outer surface of Senja from Botnhamn in the north to Gryllefjord in the south. Senja has a unique, beautiful and varied nature and is a miniature Norway.
Welcome to Northern Norwegian hospitality in a ramsalt coastal environment.