Additional Information

Senja is part of the National Tourist Route. Gryllefjord is the southernmost destination of this route on Senja, while Botnhamn is the northernmost. The island is often described as a Norway in miniature because of its varied nature. A travel across the island is, therefore, easy to recommend.

The proximity to the fishing grounds is, naturally, the reason why a majority of Gryllefjord’s 400 inhabitants rely on the fisheries to secure their income.

As to facilities in Gryllefjord, apart from Kaikanten, you will find Gina's Café and Kiosk, and ICA grocery store – where you also can buy petrol and non-prescription medicine. In addition, there is a pub, a postal office, a bank, a library with Internet access, and tourist information in the village.

From June to August you can catch the ferry-boat from Gryllefjord to Andenes, and thereby shorten your drive considerably if you plan to venture on to Lofoten. But, of course, it is perfectly possible to leave your car here, and take a day trip to Andenes. If you are lucky, you might even spot a whale during the voyage!